Three Things You Need If You Want to Build a Custom Stage for Performances

If you require a stage for your next event, your best bet is to have it custom-made. You must take into consideration the height, width and total space that will be allotted for it. You also must take into consideration how it will be used. It must be sturdy enough to handle fashion models strutting, a DJ playing music or a cast of actors delivering their best version of Macbeth. Custom stages can easily be built by expert professionals. They simply need to see the space and ask you a couple of questions.

Here are three things needed to build a custom stage.


The platform of a stage is the foundation. This is where people will walk, stand or act. It must be sturdy enough to support the weight it will be expected to hold. It also must well-built, because it cannot collapse at any point after it is set up. The platform can be built with decks that are put together. Then, they are secured to each other. Before the platform is assembled, the design will be drawn up so the crew can get to work on-site without any hesitations.


A backdrop is a stage element you may consider adding to the design. There are so many directions you can take with the backdrop design. You can opt for a plain back drape, or you can get creative and pick a pattern. The sky is the limit.

Ramp or Stairs

Those performers or participants who will be standing, sitting or acting on the stage will require a way to get on. You can opt for a ramp to make this possible. You can also opt for a set of stairs at both ends, or one.

To speak with professionals about custom stages, contact or visit the website.

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