Explore 20,000 Acres of South Dakota Farmland on Your Next Pheasant Hunt

Every year, thousands of hunters take to the wilderness on a venture to bring home a feathered trophy from their time in the fields. If you’re an avid outdoors person wondering where to go for pheasant hunting this season, then you’ve found the right place to enjoy a fruitful hunt. This family-owned and operated farmland in South Dakota provides a beautiful and plentiful landscape to hunt for wild pheasants. Not only will you have a stunning place to hunt, but the grand lodge where you’ll hang your hat for four nights is just as exciting as your time in the field.

A Professionally Guided Hunting Experience

Typically, hunting is just as much luck as it is a skill for catching your desired prey. Thankfully, your all-inclusive pheasant hunting experience comes complete with professional hunting guides and dogs that know every acre on the farm. They’ll take you to a new spot every day, so you’ll never track the same place twice during your trip.

All The Amenities A Hunter Could Dream Of

You’ll stay four nights in a beautiful hunting lodge situated directly on the farm where you’ll be hunting. Inside, you’ll have a bedroom and private bathroom to find some peace and quiet and a luxurious lounge area that welcomes all hunters to mingle and swap stories of their most thrilling hunts. There are also unlimited sporting clays and ammo to practice with before you head out into the field.

After your trip to this magnificent hunting lodge, you’ll never wonder where to go for pheasant hunting ever again!

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