How to Tell if the Seafood You’re Choosing in Charleston is Fresh

If you want a seafood meal, you need to start with the freshest ingredients. Some of the types of seafood that you can get can perish within a few days, so it’s important to know what to look for when selecting seafood at your local market.


The exterior of fresh seafood in Charleston, SC, is one of the most important details to look at as it can often determine the flavor of the food. The skin should be shiny instead of dull. You also want to see scales that are tight on the body of the fish instead of those that are peeling away. When you look at the flesh of the seafood, it should be firm and should have a bit of bounce to it when you press on the surface.


You shouldn’t be able to smell fresh seafood in Charleston, SC, when you see it at markets. The only aroma that you should notice is one that smells like the ocean. It shouldn’t be overwhelming and shouldn’t smell rotten.


If you want to get shrimp, crawfish, lobsters, or other types of shellfish, there are a few details to look for in these as well. The legs on the seafood should be firm. They should also be left on the fish if you’re getting the seafood from a market. Keep in mind that some grocery stores will remove the legs before packaging. You don’t want to see any cracks on the shell as this could result in water and debris being trapped underneath.

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