Obtaining The Best Dog Walking Services In NYC

For some individuals, dog walking is not a diversion; it is a profession. In providing dog walking services, they are ensuring canines receive the exercise they need. At the same time, such services reduce potential stress on owners who want the best for their dogs but are occupied elsewhere. In NYC, it is easy to find a dog walker. Yet, how do you determine who is compatible with your favorite canine?

What to Consider

It is easy to go online and compile a list of potential dog walking candidates in NYC. You must then sift through them, removing the chaff. Research the candidates online before they even meet your dog.

When talking to the individuals offering dog walking services, ask them the following questions:

    • What experience do you have walking my breed, age, of canine?
    • What type of training do you have in dog walking and related services? Is it formal, e.g. dog behavioral studies, dog training courses, vet tech studies?
    • What techniques do you employ? Do you use clickers, positive reinforcement or any other specific methods?
    • What is your philosophy of dog control and pet ownership in general?
    • What are the types of services you offer, e.g. walking, playing, feeding?
    • Do you have a license?
    • Are you bonded?
    • Do you have insurance, e.g. liability?
    • Do you or your company have specific credentials?
    • May I contact any references you and/or your company supply

If you have an elderly dog or one with special needs, make sure you ask questions relevant to these specific requirements.

Dog Walking Services

If you are looking for the best match between a dog walker and your canine, make sure the two are compatible on as many levels as possible. Your dog deserves the finest you can provide. If this means carefully screening dozens of dog walking in NYC before you find the best one, so be it.

If you have a dog, you are responsible for its well-being. When you are busy and do not have the time to give it the care and walks s/he deserves, it is imperative you make arrangements to hire professional Dog Walking Services In NYC, some of the city’s finest dog walkers work for NY Tails. This company is fully insured, bonded and registered. Their employees understand the needs of different breeds and ages. For more information on services, contact us.

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