The Best Seafood Market in Charleston, SC – What it Takes to be the Champ

In the world of seafood, every business wants to be the best. However, in a head-to-head battle, there is only one clear winner. The winner is the people of the community.

How a Seafood Market Helps a Community

Seafood from a seafood market is the freshest fish you can buy. To understand why, you must understand how seafood is processed. There are two paths to a consumer. The quickest route takes the seafood from the ocean to a boat. Next, fisherman ships the local catch to a seafood market. Then, it goes from the market to the table. As for the other path, it starts with a fisherman. Once the seafood leaves the boat, it travels to a fish house. Next, it’s transported to a food processer. Finally, it hits the shelves in stores and Shem Creek seafood restaurants. The fastest and freshest route is clear. It’s a direct path from the ocean to a seafood market.

In addition to fresher food, there are other reasons why a seafood market has value in a community. First, you’ll find more seafood at a seafood market. A grocery store will only sell the staples like cod, salmon, and tuna. If you browse a seafood market, you’ll find odd fish, exotic fish, and more. Second, you can learn all about different types of fish at a seafood market. From recipes to cooking strategies, it’s the ultimate stomping ground for seafood.

How to Support the Best Seafood Market in Charleston, SC

If you’d like to support local fishing businesses, you could visit a local market, or you could order food from a variety of the Shem Creek seafood restaurants in SC. To get started, contact Mount Pleasant Seafood at

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