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At YIPA, our goal is to provide highly effective, reasonably priced, professional development for youth workers. We offer a membership service that organizations or individuals can join to access a wide variety of options in webinar-style on-demand training programs online or our live online training.

Each of the programs is short and manageable, with most programs between one and one and a half hours. Each of our youth support worker training programs includes information, scenarios, and effective, positive, and practical ways for youth works to address these real-world situations as they occur.

Options to Consider

Individuals or organizations can complete single programs in professional development for youth workers. Simply select the course, pay the fee or login with your membership, and enjoy the training from the convenience of any computer or mobile device with internet access.

The on-demand youth support worker training programs are available anytime, 24/7/365. The live training is completed on a schedule, with most held during business hours.

The Art and Science of Youth Work Certificate

For those youth workers interested in obtaining a recognized certificate, we offer the Art and Science of Youth Work certificate training. This professional development for youth workers encompasses eight different focus areas and allows each youth worker to complete it at their own pace through on-demand learning programs.

The program is also eligible as 15 CE hours for most boards, which offers those earning the certificate both opportunities and a much-needed training component for working with youth.

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