Tips on How You Might Get a Free Cell Phone From the Government in Vermont

Did you know there are free government cell phone companies in Vermont? This service helps lower-income families get access to the internet and communicate. There is an application process, and individuals must meet some conditions to receive the phone.


To apply, a person needs to meet the income standards or be enrolled in another government assistance program. The government created charts to help people determine their eligibility.

To use the chart, you select how many people are in your household. The government considers a household to be people that share the same address, income, and expenses. For example, you may have a household of two and live in Vermont. The two people together cannot make more than roughly $23,500. Note that this number can change with inflation.

Government Programs

If you live on an Indian reservation, you may qualify too. Families who have children in Heat Start and people on Medicaid might be able to participate. Veterans who draw a pension or any of their survivors who receive benefits may be candidates. The program is relatively broad.


Individuals that meet all the government regulations will get a smartphone and a calling plan. The plan is set up with unlimited talk, text, and data. Users can place any call across the United States for free.

The texting feature lets people send messages and photographs to friends and family. Children can connect to online classrooms with the data plan, and other family members can browse the web. For more information on free government cell phone companies in Vermont, contact Infiniti Mobile at.

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