Why An Air Tight Stash Jar Is Essential

Most connoisseurs of cannabis or hemp smokable products are well-educated in all aspects of the growing, harvesting, processing, and storage of their flowers and buds. However, this is not always the case with those new to the purchase of medical or recreational use cannabis or legal hemp products.

It is essential to keep in mind that cannabis and hemp are natural, organic products that are perishable. In the right storage conditions, marijuana and hemp will retain high levels of freshness for about six months to a year. The curing process for the product has an impact on how long it lasts, as does the use of an air tight stash jar for storage.

Oxygen Issues

An air tight stash jar stops the exchange of air from the outside of the jar to the inside. This is critical to prevent oxygen from the air from impacting the degradation of the cannabinoid. This is not just during the curing stage, but also during retail and home storage.

When exposed to oxygen, THC will breakdown into CBN, a cannabinol that is less psychoactive than TCH and does not offer the same therapeutic benefits of CBD.CBD is one of the cannabinoids found in hemp products and in marijuana.

Humidity Control

In addition to reducing the amount of oxygen exposure for cannabis, the air tight stash jar also prevents moisture from the air making contact with the organic material.

The range of 59 to 63% RH (relative humidity) is considered ideal, with higher levels resulting in changing the flavor of the weed and increasing the risk of mold development. Dry ambient air conditions can also be avoided, which prevents the flower from becoming brittle and difficult to roll.

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