How to Get the Best Cash for Gold in Charleston, SC

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If you are looking for some quick cash and have some jewelry you would wish to sell then it is time to locate a gold buyer. You can get cash for gold offers at a gold party or a local jeweler. However, you can only get the best deal if you perform the necessary research work prior to selling gold for cash. As much as it may be fun and convenient to sell gold at gold parties, you might never end up with the best deal.

First, you must be very keen on the kind of scale that the dealer uses to weigh the gold and later pay you. Dealers normally use pennyweight or grams to measure a troy ounce. When a dealer uses the pennyweight to weigh your gold then later pays you by the gram, he/she might end up paying you less for a significantly higher weight of gold. This is the trick that some dealers use when they offer cash for gold Charleston, SC.

Secondly, you must identify the scrap value before getting cash for gold. Since you can never come across jewelry that is made of pure gold, since pure gold is too soft and has to be mixed with other alloys for durability and color, you must determine the amount of gold in it. This scrap value is basically determined by the karats. According to the state laws, jewelry should never be labeled as gold if it is less than 10 karats of gold. In fact, you must check the karat value of your jewelry way before looking to get cash for gold in Charleston, SC.

You should also consider getting an appraisal for your jewelry before selling it. Having your jewelry appraised might be costly but in the long run, it will be worthwhile since you will get the best price for it. An appraisal will bring into the limelight certain factors that increase the value of your gold other than the weight. This can be the artistic value, workmanship, or any other embedded gems in your jewelry. If you do this, you will get the right amount of cash for gold Charleston, SC.

Always be realistic when looking for cash for gold offers. As soon as you get an estimate from your local dealer, shop around for a value that lies within that amount you got from prior dealers. Bear in mind that any market changes that affect the economy will also affect the price of gold. Aim to get the highest percentage of the real value of your item by looking for the best gold buyer. As a consumer, you must read every fine print presented to you before getting cash for gold Charleston, SC.

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