What to Expect from a US Army Surplus Store

Army surplus stores sell military-grade equipment and accessories. You’ll find an array of tactical gear, camping supplies, bags and duffels, and other US Army surplus gear. You can often find it at a discount. Here’s what you can expect when visiting an Army surplus store:

Tactical Equipment

The term “tactical equipment” refers to various products used by police, fire, and military teams in emergency situations. Tactical gear includes body armor, helmets, flashlights, and medical supplies. It can also be used by civilians for camping or hiking.

Camping Gear

If you’re a camper, hiker, or survivalist needing camping gear, you’ll likely find what you need at an Army surplus store. Army surplus stores sell tents for shelter, sleeping bags for warmth, sleeping pads for cushioning, stoves to heat food and water, cooking utensils such as ladles and spoons, and lanterns to light up areas with no electricity. The equipment is durable and long-lasting—so it’s perfect if you plan on taking a trip.

Military-Style Bags and Duffels

You can find military-style bags, including backpacks and messenger bags. The most common style of these items is the tactical bag, which features an internal frame that supports the load and allows the wearer to carry heavy weights over long periods. These bags are often made out of leather or ballistic nylon fabric and are designed to be tough enough for outdoor use.

Cold-Weather Gear

A US Army surplus store can be an excellent resource for winter camping trips. The stores sell various items, including sleeping bags and other cold-weather gear. They also often have waterproof boots in case you need them for hiking or hunting.

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