Understanding Union Printing

To better understand union printing, you must know what a union printer is. A commercial printer whose staff is represented by a labor union is referred to as a union printer. A unique mark known as a union label is visible on all printing created by union printing shops. This label, which states that union members produced it, is printed immediately on the published materials.

Understanding the Union Label

The union label is kept reasonably modest to avoid detracting from the printed piece’s layout or message. Because of its small size and frequent resemblance to a tiny insect on the printed sheet, the label used by union printers is colloquially known as a “union bug.”

If a buyer wants union-made printing, it’s crucial to have the union label or “bug.” For instance, businesses that employ union members demand that any printed materials they buy have the union bug.

Benefits of a Union Printer

The evolution of union printing groups results from developments in the printing sector. This indicates they have a skilled workforce with reliable tools to do the job. Since most union printers are regarded as reliable, they make sure their name is printed on products as a union bug or label to reassure clients of the product’s quality.

The excellent turnaround time of union printers is an additional advantage. They have a competitive advantage over the continuously expanding economy because of their integrated capability to keep up with the printing sector’s evolutionary changes. They easily transitioned from print to mail to digital as new technologies were adopted over time.

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