Prominent Blade Collectors Opt for Custom Out-the-Front Knife Designs

For the longest time, custom-made OTF knives were really the only front-facing blades available on the market period. Legal considerations kept most commercial designs off the market. Now that it’s possible for collectors to get almost any kind of knife they’re looking for, it’s become less common for people to order their own custom OTF blades. A group of prominent collectors is seeking to reverse this trend, and it looks like they’ve already encouraged a large number of enthusiasts to get their own custom tactical knives.

Just because it’s possible to order tactical knives off the shelf doesn’t mean that it isn’t fun to have a blade that’s made to your own specification. That’s the message that these collectors want to impart to the knife collecting community at large. Some knife users might find themselves dealing with an edge case that requires the use of an extremely specific blade that they couldn’t find anywhere on the market.

Accessibility might be the biggest concern for others. It can be rather difficult to eject a flipper knife out of its handle, especially for those who have any sort of mobility issues. Using a thumb stud or other opening mechanism might also be difficult for these individuals, thus they turn to a custom OTF blade that’s designed with ease of opening in mind. Some might even just have aesthetic preferences that were never met by commercial products, so they too may want to seek out a custom blade.

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