Delegating and Relegating Tasks to Others Not in Your Home Country

If inflation teaches you nothing else it’s that you need to find cheaper ways of conducting business. An offshore development team is definitely one way to cut operational costs, but is it worth it? To understand what you are getting for the price of an offshore development team, you have to look at the tasks you can delegate and relegate to these teams in other countries.

Call Center Customer Service

Without a shadow of a doubt, call center customer service is worth every drachma, rupee, or yuan you pay for it. This type of offshore team service cuts your operation costs to the bone. The pay these people receive in other countries is far lower than what Americans are paid but still higher than what the offshore teams are paid in their own countries. Additionally, they can answer calls and take customer questions and complaints at hours of the day when your domestic call center is not open.

Software Development

Software development is another area where you can relegate and delegate tasks to a group in another country. Any software your company needs for virtually any application can be created by the offshore team. The cost, again, is incredibly low, making it possible for you to apply the money saved from this endeavor to other areas of your business or company. A domestic go-between company oversees the overseas development project to ensure that the final software product delivered will be compatible with your company’s computer systems and not hamper daily operations.

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