How to Get Good Dog Boarding in Manhattan

It’s time to go on vacation, and that perfect vacation you have been planning for months is about to be cut short because your hotel is not pet friendly. Now old Fido has no place to stay. How do you find good dog boarding with the right qualifications you are looking for? Here are some helpful tips to make sure your dog has the nicest vacation too.

Find a dog boarding facility that will meet your needs does not have to be a difficult search. Start by making a list of what you are looking for from your dog boarding in Manhattan facility will save you a lot of time and effort. Are you looking for an all inclusive dog boarding facility? Those facilities offer your pet food, bedding, play space, toys, treats, and anything else your pet might require. All you need to do is drop your pet off. If you have a particular pet that only like his bed and his food and his toys then the all inclusive type of dog boarding facility is not what you are looking for.

There are dog boarding facilities that allow you to bring your own items like bedding and food. These boarding facilities tend to be a little less expensive than the all inclusive resort type boarding facilities. The only down side of places like this one is the fact that they tend to be less expensive. In fact, the more of your own stuff you bring the less you are likely to pay. Often times you will find that these places are a little like hospitals in that they make their money by charging you for every little incidental that your dog might need while you are away.

Consider your local vet as well. Vets frequently will board pets. This is a great option because your vet is already familiar with your pet and their special needs. In addition to just being familiar, should something happen to your pet while you are away then doctor is right there to provide medical attention. This is especially important if you have a pet with a disease like diabetes and requires daily medicine. The only downside to using the vet as your primary dog boarding facility is the fact that they do not always give the one on one attention your pet might need. If your pet needs a lot of play time or a lot of cuddle time, then the vets tend to be a little understaffed for personalized attention. However, the rates for stays are very competitive. All things considered vets make great boarding options if you are going to be out of town. Like the non-inclusive dog boarding facilities, the more of your own stuff like food you can bring the better.

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