What Makes Bedliners so Great? Line-X Vs. Drop-In Protection

Bedliners are perfect for work trucks and daily drivers. However, car owners must be vigilant about the type of liners they get for their vehicles. For instance, drop-in and Line-X liners are available in the market.

However, each has its pros and cons. So, learn those before choosing either for your vehicle. Here, you’ll learn the difference between these bedliners so you choose the best for your vehicle.

Line-X Vs. Drop-In Bedliners

Your car is important to you. Therefore, you deserve the best bedliners in the market. When choosing, consider these factors:

  1. Durability

Drop-in liners are good. However, they are rubber or plastic, low-quality materials that warp and crack. On the other hand, Line-X has the best bedliners because they are thick enough. In addition, inspections are done to check the optimal thickness.

  1. Aesthetics

Drop-in liners are not good-looking. Although they are functional, they lack aesthetic appeal. If you want an unmatched finished look, get Line-X bedliners in Long Branch. These bedliners provide UV protection, limitless color options, and fade resistance.

  1. Abrasion and Impact Protection

Bedliners from Line-X serve several purposes. Besides, they have high tensile strength and don’t tear easily. Drop-in liners are also good since they are a buffer between the truck bed and cargo.

Unfortunately, loose material gets trapped under the liner. In turn, the materials scrape the truck bed.

  1. Installations

Bedliners from Line-X are professionally sprayed using certified applicators. Afterward, they undergo inspections to ensure the job is done well. On the flip side, drop-in liners need you to drill holes to secure the bedliner to the truck.

With time, the liner becomes loose and falls out of the truck because of poor adherence. In addition, drop-ins trap water between the liner and the truck bed. Unfortunately, that causes rusting and corrosion.

From this analysis, Line-X is the go-to for bedliners. So, if you’re in Long Branch, get a professional from John Guire Supply installer for Line-X bedliners .

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