What Are the Most Common Types of Precision Machining in Ohio?

You ever wondered how a machinist makes engine parts with lots of accuracies? Or perhaps how clock components are made to fit in together accurately? Well, these are just a few examples of precision machining. This type of machining uses computer programs to manufacture products with exact accuracy. There exist different types of precision machining in Ohio. Each machining is designed for its specific application and specialization. That’s said, the following are some of the most common machining you can get:

1. CNC Milling Machine

The CNC Milling Machine is a type of precision machining that operates by holding material firmly in place while cutting it precisely with its rotating blades. These machines have the capability of producing different product shapes and sizes.

2. Electrical Discharge Machines

Electrical Discharge Machines (EDM) are high-precision machines that use guided electrical sparks to produce products with the required size and shape. In many cases, these machines are used to create precise micro slots, holes, or angled features.

3. Plasma Cutting Machines

Plasma cutting machines operate in a similar fashion as EDM, only that it uses high-powered plasma. Since it can reach a temperature of 50,000 degrees Fahrenheit, this machining is suitable for metals such as steel, aluminum, copper, and brass.

4. CNC Laser Machines

The CNC Laser Machines are designed with a pointed router that produces a laser beam. The beam produces heat that melts or vaporizes the material to achieve a high level of precision cut. The technology deployed by this machine makes it popular in conventional cuttings and designs.

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