Types of Railroad Track Equipment and Their Functions in Lincoln, NE

Rail Grinders

Rail grinders are special track maintenance equipment designed to restore the profile and remove irregularities from worn rail tracks. By grinding the rails, the wheel and rail interaction improves. It increases safety and provides a smoother and more comfortable ride for passengers. The grinding process also extends the life of railway tracks, reducing costly repairs and maintenance.

Rail Tampers

Rail tampers compact the ballast stone beneath a railway track to secure the track structure. It firmly fixes the sleepers (the wooden or concrete supports beneath each rail), preventing them from shifting and damaging the tracks above. The tamping process also reduces the noise created by passing trains.

Ballast Cleaners

Ballast cleaners are special railroad track equipment for cleaning stones and debris from railway tracks. They maintain the track structure by removing material that could cause rail or sleeper damage. Ballast cleaning also prevents the build-up of mud, which create unsafe conditions for passengers and degrade the quality of the rails.

Track Lifts

Track lifts raise or lower railway tracks’ sections, allowing maintenance and repairs to be carried out with ease. The lift system can move entire sections of the track in one go. It eliminates manual labor and reduces the time required to complete a job. Track lifts can also change the elevation of a line, allowing for greater flexibility in rail infrastructure design.

Railway Welders

Railway welders repair broken or damaged tracks by welding together two pieces of metal. It seals and secures the track, preventing the deterioration of rails or sleepers due to rusting or damage caused by weather and pollution. Railway welders also create new tracks to construct new lines or extensions.

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