Three Types of Signs to Help Advertise Your Business

Outdoor signs are one of the oldest and most cost-effective forms of advertising. Vinyl banners, mesh banners, and other types of signs can grab a customer’s attention when they are walking or driving by your location, which often leads to sales that would have been lost otherwise. Here are three types of signs that can help drive traffic to your business.


Ever-present along highways and city streets, billboards give you more bang for your buck than most other advertisements. Printed billboard vinyl is also easy and affordable to change out, so you can keep your advertising campaign fresh.

Sandwich Boards

If your city has strict regulations on the size and height of signs, folding sandwich boards are a great alternative to printed billboard vinyl. You can display your sandwich boards on the sidewalk without the need for poles or mounting hardware, or choose wearable sandwich boards that allow an employee to interact with potential customers while advertising your business.


Do you need short-term signs to attract attention for a sale or special event? Vinyl banners and mesh banners are great options. You can display advertising banners both indoors and outdoors, hang them on vehicles and parade floats or even pull them behind an airplane.

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