Three Best-Selling Product Lines at One Commercial Felling Dealer in Rochester, MN

by | Aug 9, 2019 | Trailer Dealer

Many companies need access to reliable, high-quality trailers for hauling equipment, materials, or products. Felling is widely regarded as one of the most successful and reputable manufacturers of commercial trailers in the business.

Visiting a Commercial Felling Dealer in Rochester MN will reveal there are a number of models to choose from, and each has a unique design and intended purpose. Browse the Star Trailer New and Used Inventory and it will become clear that Felling trailers quite often suit the needs of commercial buyers very well.

Several Distinct Lines of Top-Quality Commercial Trailers

Felling has been making trailers for many years and has amassed plenty of institutional expertise along the way. The company’s contemporary lineup covers all the most common commercial use cases quite comfortably and capably.

Getting in touch with a Commercial Felling Dealer in Rochester MN will reveal that there never needs to be any trouble with identifying an appropriate model. Some of Felling’s best-selling lines of trailers are:

  • OTR.
  • Long-haul truckers sometimes pull trailers used to carry vehicles or other large pieces of cargo. Felling’s OTR family of trailers is designed to enable this fiscally important type of transportation. A number of the popular Felling OTR trailer models feature split-level designs that make them more accessible and versatile. Capable of carrying as much as 50 tons of cargo, these trailers are built to withstand plenty of abuse.
  • HX.
  • Trailers with flat, elevated beds are needed for certain types of cargo but are not always easy to come by. Felling’s HX series was designed to fill a gap in the market that many commercial carriers had found frustrating. It has done this so successfully that the model has become one of the company’s most popular and highly regarded product lines.
  • X-Force.
  • Certain types of transportation require more frequent detachment of a trailer than others. The Felling X-Force family of trailers covers a number of models with integrated hydraulic detachment mechanisms.

A Felling Trailer Ideal for Any Commercial Purpose

With these being only a few of the company’s various lines of trailers, Felling is a top choice for many commercial trailer buyers for plenty of good reasons. Visiting a local dealer will inevitably reveal there are plenty of Felling trailers worth considering.

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