The Strengths of Nylon Washers

by | Oct 20, 2021 | Business

There are plenty of types of washers available, with each having a number of advantages and disadvantages. Depending on what you are going to use these washers for, some tend to work better than others. This is especially true of washers made of nylon. It is important to do a fair bit of research before determining if a nylon washer will be your best bet before purchasing. Here are some of the benefits of nylon and why they are a solid choice for certain projects.

The Nylon Advantage

Nylon or plastic washers are some of the best to use for lighting, automotive, and electrical applications. The reason for this is that they are incredibly heat resistant and most can withstand temperatures as high as four hundred degrees Fahrenheit. This allows them to last a lot longer than other types of washers, because they won’t break or become unstable in the face of extreme heat. Nylon washers will protect equipment for years and years because of this high resistance to heat.

Since washers are usually placed between two pieces or joints of equipment, they tend to be exposed to the heat produced by these two joints when they are moving. Obviously, when a machine is running there is heat produced, and since nylon is very heat resistant, employing them in heat generating machinery will allow them to absorb some of the heat and protect the equipment from getting too hot and breaking down. Therefore, if you are planning on building or fixing something that is exposed to, or generates a lot of heat, nylon is your best bet.

Cost Effective

Washers made from nylon are cost effective because they are long lasting. The durability of nylon washers prevents unnecessary repairs on equipment that other washers may require. Using nylon will reduce the amount of money spent on these costly repairs, because they simply don’t break easily. Many manufacturing companies will agree that using a quality nylon washer when building their equipment allows them to reduce and prevent replacing them. Nylon is usually significantly cheaper to purchase than other metal or alloyed washers as well.


A nylon washer is a lot lighter than other metal washers, which help manufactures cut down on the weight of their products. This helps lower shipping costs and ensures that whatever product being built is easy to handle and assemble.


Typically, nylon is much more likely to be in stock then certain metal washers. This makes finding the amount you need rather easy. There are also a lot of great websites that specialize in selling washers at affordable prices. Nylon is a great option for certain manufacturing purposes and these types of washers are some of the best on the market today.

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