Supplies to Buy for Your New Dog or Puppy

Are you getting a new puppy or dog from your local animal shelter? If so, congratulations! Of course, you need some things to help you dog feel right at home. Checkout several items you need for your new pet.

A Pet Bed

It’s important to create a place where your dog or puppy will sleep at night. Getting your pet used to its new bed right away can start to solidify the nightly routine. Pet beds are available in many sizes, shapes, and materials. If you’re getting a puppy, think about its future size. If the puppy is going to be twenty or thirty pounds, choose a bed that gives it plenty of space to move around as it grows.

Pet Food

Take some time to choose food that will serve your dog’s health at every stage of life. After all, a puppy needs different nutrients than a senior dog. Consider ethical pet products in Jacksonville when you go to choose your dog’s food. Nutritious ingredients are essential for maintaining your dog’s physical health. Also, when you shop ethical pet products in Jacksonville, you can have peace of mind about what you’re feeding your pet.

Food and Water Bowls

A food and water bowl for your dog is essential. Get a pair of bowls that don’t scoot across the floor as your dog eats or drinks. Many bowls have a rubber or weighted base to help prevent movement. Be sure to get bowls that are easy to keep clean with mild dish soap and hot water.

Lastly, a collar, leash and toys are other items to have ready for the newest addition to your household. Making a list of supplies can help you feel more prepared when you bring your dog home from the shelter.

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