Mistakes To Avoid When Marketing For Senior Living Facilities

by | Mar 22, 2021 | Uncategorized

This is no need for senior living communities to attempt to market without the support of specialized marketing services. Unfortunately, many senior and assisted living communities choose general marketing firms, which provide cookie-cutter types of marketing across a wide range of industries and businesses.

Marketing for senior living facilities is a unique marketing niche. Working with a specialized company helps to avoid the three most common mistakes made in do-it-yourself marketing programs or with general marketing firms.

Not Including Testimonials

Failing to include testimonials and to provide the humanside of all that a senior living facility offers is a common marketing mistake. Experts at marketing for senior living facilities help to identify the decision makers and share stories that address concerns and reservations people often have when considering moving a loved one from a home to assisted living.

Not Targeting Decision Makers Early

Marketing for senior living facilities should start as soon as possible. Targeting decision makers in the family through analytics and online behavior ensures the people in your geographic area who have senior parents receive the critical information about your facility. By providing this early, the decision maker becomes aware of the services, differences, and advantages of a specific facility, which makes it the first choice when it is time to move the senior.

Failing to Track Results

Not knowing what marketing campaigns are working and why is a common mistake. Failing to understand the reasons why prospective residents are choosing other facilities in the area limits the ability to upgrade the marketing and pinpoint the benefits one facility offers over the competition.


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