Maintain Your Sports Fields

Maintaining sports field turf requires knowledge about soil, drainage and different types of turf. It also requires having the right tools, equipment and supplies on hand in order to do the job. We are proud to provide you with quality sports field turf equipment to make your job easier. With our professional-grade equipment, you can take care of dozens of sports fields for any sport and of any size with ease.

Sports field turf needs to be in excellent condition throughout the playing season. For some sports, this may start around the first day of spring. Baseball and softball are two sports that typically begin their playing seasons early in the year. Football may have its season extend well into the autumn months of the year. This means that you need equipment that will be ready to go for about eight months out of the calendar year. The equipment needs to be in optimal condition for use during hot, humid, dry or windy weather conditions.

We make a variety of equipment for maintaining the turf of sports fields. Our aerators improve drainage, air flow and nutrient delivery for the turf grass. We recommend aerating your sports fields about once each year, either in the spring or in the autumn. We also have mowing equipment and pieces of equipment that can paint playing lines.

When it is your job to maintain sports field turf, you need to have the right equipment. At 1st Products, we are prepared to assist you with selecting the right sports field turf equipment for your situation. Give us a call today in order to schedule a consultation or on-site meeting with our sales associates .

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