Gear Up and Roll Out – How to Get the Most Out of Rollers for Conveyors

by | Apr 6, 2023 | Conveyor Rollers Manufacturer

A conveyor is a central part of a warehouse. It moves products back and forth, increases productivity during manufacturing runs, and more.

Typically, a conveyor will do all of the work. However, the operator still has a few very important jobs. Discover what these jobs are and how they can improve the state of a conveyor.

Use the Power of Gravity

If you want to use a conveyor and save and money, use gravity to your advantage. Gravity will move your products forward, and it will help you minimize the use of electricity.

To harness the power of gravity, just set up your equipment on an inclined surface in your warehouse. If you need variety, don’t settle for one slope. Instead, create levels and align the rollers in sections throughout different parts of your warehouse.

Reduce Lifting

The ultimate goal is to minimize lifting. For warehouse workers, the act of lifting boxes is a chore, so if you eliminate it, you’ll boost productivity drastically.

The easiest way to accomplish this is by using a conveyor that can accommodate specific products. For example, for heavy boxes, you’ll need a conveyor with extra wide rollers. If the rollers are not large enough to support the boxes, the boxes could stall, and a worker will have to step in to correct the problem.

Other Tactics

When good equipment is past its prime, there are two ways to move forward. You could buy new equipment, or you could upgrade the old equipment with brand-new metal rollers. If you prefer to enhance your equipment, you’ll need to find a good parts supplier. For metal rollers, conveyors, and more, turn to Conveyor Systems & Engineering, Inc at

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