Florida Collectors Go After Historical & Modern Butterfly Knives

Balisongs, also known as butterfly or fan knives, are one of the most famous types of pocketknives you can find on the market today. Since they’re intensely connected to the history of the Philippines these blades have quite a bit of value to collectors. Florida’s relatively unique knife purchasing laws have made it the perfect place to explore blades like these.

However, many collectors aren’t able to afford historical blades. Few would want to use vintage butterfly knives as part of their everyday carry (EDC) pack anyway, which means that modern blades have quite a bit of market penetration. Some designers have added a number of features that boast plenty of modern technology-focused features. Others are designed to be as traditional as possible.

While individual collectors are encouraged to seek out additional content regarding their local knife laws, those in Florida are usually able to purchase most kinds of knives. Fan knives are unlawful in some other jurisdictions, which is a shame because of the fact that they’re often used as part of performance art acts. Others turn to them because they’re studying a particular form of martial artistry that requires their usage. A few even prefer them to most other types of EDC knives, though these customers will usually always opt for ones that feature modern stainless steel blades. There’s no reason that purists wouldn’t love modern fan knives either, which means there’s a good chance you’d find a few in their bug-out bags as well.

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