Five Advantages of Installing Nurse Call Systems in Portland, OR

by | Dec 16, 2022 | Security

For residents that live in nursing facilities, nurse call systems in Portland, OR, provide a powerful way to ensure the safety of both staff and patients. These systems range from basic models that allow for simple communication between caregivers and patients to more advanced models with additional features such as two-way communication, video monitoring, and GPS tracking.

Here are four reasons why Portland, Oregon, facility owners should consider installing nurse call systems.

1. Improved Patient Safety

Nurse call systems provide an efficient way for patients to communicate with staff members as part of an emergency communication system. By pressing a button or pulling a cord, patients can quickly alert staff members to their needs without waiting for them to arrive at their bedside.

This can help prevent falls and other accidents that could occur if the patient had to wait too long for assistance. In addition, many nurse call systems include features such as two-way communication so that physicians can monitor patient vitals remotely to act faster if necessary.

2. Reduced Response Times

Nurse call systems also reduce response times when it comes to medical emergencies. By having an automated system in place that can alert staff members immediately when a patient needs help, response times can be significantly reduced compared to manual methods such as pagers or walkie-talkies.

This means that medical attention is provided faster and could potentially save lives in critical situations.

3. Increased Productivity

Nurse call systems also increase productivity by streamlining communication between caregivers and patients. Staff members no longer must spend time manually checking on each patient every hour; instead, they can focus on providing higher levels of care with the knowledge that any issues will be quickly communicated via the nurse call system.

In addition, many modern nurse call systems in Portland, OR, come with features such as video monitoring which can provide another layer of security for both caregivers and patients alike.

4. Enhanced Quality of Care

Finally, nurse call systems provide enhanced quality of care by allowing caregivers to respond quickly and efficiently when a patient needs assistance. This ensures that medical attention is provided sooner rather than later, which could potentially lead to better health outcomes for the patient in question.

In addition, these systems allow facility owners to track patient movement over time which allows them to identify potential problems before they become serious issues requiring expensive treatments or interventions down the road.

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