First-Time Sermons for a Religious Congregation in the United States

What Is a Sermon?

One of the first challenges a new pastor has to face is getting up in front of their church and preach a sermon. A sermon is a lecture on a religious topic that expands on a moral issue, belief, or behavior that’s relevant in the past and present.

Preaching Sermon Outlines

1. Find the Sermon Topic

Before beginning to write a sermon, be sure to recognize what the topic of the speech should be. Faith is something that is revealed in every aspect of people’s lives. Therefore, the only challenge is to figure out what topic is suitable for the church members at this particular time.

3. Write an Outline for the Sermon

Creating an outline for a sermon can be very valuable because it organizes a person’s thought process and helps to use the time to their advantage. Pastors can have various steps involved in their outlines, but generally, a good sermon:

• Organizes the key ideas that are to be the main focus of the sermon

• Breaks down sermon into sections which will make it more manageable to get through

• Includes quotes and notes within the sermon

• Utilizes slides to present the sermon in a way that is easily understood by the congregation

Once the main points of the sermon have been established, everything should be easier from there. Each step becomes the building block towards a well-made sermon for a young preacher to share with the congregation.

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