Coffee Shop ASMR: How to Capture the Perfect Sounds for Your Videos

See if this sounds familiar: You’re sipping your favorite latte while sitting in a great spot at your local coffee shop, and you can’t help but notice how much the sounds of the shop add to your experience.

The whirring of the espresso machine. The clinking of spoons on saucers. The quiet murmur of people chatting. You’ve been trying to capture these sounds in your coffee ASMR videos, but they’re not quite right. However, with a few tips and tricks, you’ll be able to capture the perfect sounds for your coffee videos.

Start with the Basics

Make sure you have the right equipment, such as a good-quality microphone, and experiment with different recording devices. Feel free to try recording with your phone or other devices until you find what works best. However, if you have to shell out some cash to buy something a little nicer, ensure that you’ll get the sound quality you seek.

Find the Sweet Spot

Every coffee shop has that specific sweet spot where you can perfectly capture the balance of sounds. This spot is usually in the middle of the shop, away from the door and the espresso machine. Once you find it, experiment a bit to capture the perfect sound.

Really Emphasize the Sounds

Now it’s time to capture the sounds that make the coffee shop so unique: milk being frothed; a spoon stirring in a cup; the barista calling out orders. Check the sound levels, too, so that nothing you record sounds too overpoweringly loud or whisper-soft low.

Add a Personal Touch

This also allows you to highlight the sounds that resonate with you and your personality. It could be the sound of marimbas playing in the background of the Colombian coffee shop tucked away in Chinatown. Or it could be something simple, like the bells jingling whenever the door opens.

Remember, the key is to make your videos unique and exciting so that your viewers will want to watch them over and over.

ASMR Skills

Capturing the perfect coffee shop ASMR is not easy, but with a bit of patience and experimentation, you’ll be able to create amazing videos that your followers will love. Whether you’re a local or a tourist, there are plenty of cute coffee shops in Las Vegas where you can experiment with your coffee shop ASMR skills. So, grab your microphone, find your sweet spot, and start recording.

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