Boarding Your Pet during Brief Absences

Having a dog can be a rewarding experience that adds fun and excitement to your life. However, when you need to be done for a day or longer, you may not want to leave your pooch at home all by itself.

Rather than lock it in a bedroom where it can tear up the bed, blinds, and other fixtures or allow it to wander freely around your home, you may want to arrange for services to essentially babysit it while you are gone. By taking it to a professional dog day care Upper East Side residents like you can keep your dog happy and give it the companionship and exercise it needs during the time you are away.

When you take your dog to a dog day care Upper East Side dog owners like you have the chance to give your pooch a change of scenery while you are gone. The doggy day care workers specialize in taking care of dogs of all sizes, ages, and breeds. They know how to keep your pet distracted and entertained so it will not greatly notice your absence.

The day care facility also prioritizes giving your dog wholesome and healthy meals while you are away. If your dog is on a special diet, the workers will follow your dietary plan for your pet. They will not feed it anything to which it is allergic or could make it sick.

They also will exercise your dog and take it outside for walks and fresh air. During the time it is indoors, it will have toys to play with and places where it can lie down to rest. It also will have plenty of fresh water to drink all day. The day care may also provide you with a web cam link to keep watch of your dog.

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