Amazing Celebrations & Events Makes Occasions Unique

Amazing Celebrations & Events is a corporate events management in Boston owned by Nancy and Michael Goldstein that specializes in making important occasions unique, pleasurable and memorable.

Nancy Goldstein

Often referred to as the Party Queen, the creative Nancy Goldstein believes in doing “anything it takes” to make events perfect. She holds a degree in Nutrition and has 15 years of marketing and sales experience in the food industry and civic volunteering. For more than 20 years, this party planner in Boston, who is also a Boston corporate event planner, has created memorable events for individuals and generated successful fundraisers.

Michael Goldstein

Michael Goldstein, who holds both Bachelor’s and Mater’s degrees in Business Management and Administration, is superbly qualified to handle the supply management and the operations of Amazing Celebrations and Events. As the Boston corporate event planner, Mr. Goldstein plays a significant role in the logistics of events, coordinating corporate event management in Boston.

Kate Ranaldi

As the event and social media manager, Kate Ranaldi is a recent addition to the Amazing Celebrations & Events team. Kate adds knowledge, inspiration and assistance to the Goldsteins, whom she has known for years. She is the social media manager who shares images with clients and followers, thus inspiring their events. Also a party planner in Boston, Kate helps with tying together such occasions. With a fine art graphic design degree, she also sharpens her photography skills and assists with tying together all the parts for any occasion. With her talents, Kate can ensure that events run flawlessly and that the memories of these occasions are recorded.

For those planning a memorable event, Amazing Celebrations & Events can provide creative assistance and record the special occasion that people wish could last forever. For more information, contact this party planner in Boston.

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