A Healthy Start with Mohs Reconstructive Surgery in Sarasota, FL

by | Jan 4, 2019 | Plastic Surgery

It is important to have regular skin checks at your doctor every year. Many years of sun exposure can result in skin cancer spots. Thankfully, these can be removed easily in most cases. After the skin cancer lesion is removed, you may need to improve the look of the surgical area. Reconstruction using grafts is often necessary when a large lesion is removed. Every case is different, however. Surgeons may choose from a variety of Mohs techniques.

Skin Graft

A skin graft is the most common type of Mohs reconstructive surgery. The surgeon uses skin from another part of your body to replace lost tissue on your face or other visible area. The face is usually an area that causes stress for patients. They tend to be concerned about their looks after surgery and scars. Skin tissue can be taken from buttocks in many cases. Mohs reconstructive surgery in Sarasota, FL is helpful for restoring confidence in cancer patients.


Cancer removal can be a difficult time for some people. Even if the spot is small and easy to remove, the word “cancer” can be frightening. Individuals may become extremely emotional and concerned about their health. It can also be hard to ignore the fact that a large hole may reside in the face. Cancer must be removed completely. This means that surgeons take a bit of extra tissue from around the cancer lesion to make sure that it is all gone. A large mass on the face can cause some self-esteem issues after removal. Mohs reconstructive surgery is a great help for patients going through this difficult time. Visit us to find out more about this amazing technique.

Cancer is a difficult thing to go through. Even on a small scale, it can cause a lot of stress. Patients are often extremely appreciative of reconstruction efforts by doctors, as well. These procedures can help to restore a normal look to the face or other noticeable area of the body.

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