A Commercial Air Filter System Can Reduce Health Insurance Costs

Home and commercial air filter systems make life much more pleasant by removing common allergens and pollutants. That fact is, indoor air can be five times more polluted than outdoor air. Air filter systems reduce the chance of developing health problems caused by indoor pollutants, such as respiratory infections and asthma attacks.

HEPA air filters can eliminate 99.7% of the airborne particulate matter found in indoor air. This can include pet dander, pollen, dust, and harmful mold spores. The long-term health benefits of eliminating these pollutants can lead to better health.

HEPA air filters can also trap bacteria and viruses. Removing these pathogens can help to safeguard your family, clients, and employees from falling ill. If you live with or serve the elderly population, air quality air filters are a must.

If you live in the city, carbon monoxide from vehicle exhaust can make its way into your indoor environment. Household cleaners can also cause chemical pollution. Air filters made with activated carbon can remove such chemical pollutants, thus, reducing the risk of health issues.

Radon is an indoor pollutant caused by natural, underground radiation seeping upwards and into buildings. To reduce the risk posed by radon, use HEPA filters made with activated carbon. These air filters can trap radon gas and particles, protecting your indoor home or business environment.

Businesses installing a commercial air filtering system can not only help keep their employees healthier but also reduce insurance costs.

Air Clear, LLC designs, manufactures and installs commercial air filter systems.

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