3 Mistakes To Avoid When Hiring Local Moving Companies In Plainfield IL

by | May 23, 2022 | Moving Company

A local move many not seem like a big issue, particularly if you are staying in the Plainfield IL land area. However, when hiring local moving companies in Plainfield IL, even for a move down the block, you want a company that is professional, experienced and efficient at getting the job done.

Over the summer and at the beginning and end of each month most established local moving companies are going to be booked in advance. This sometimes leads people to hire any company that is available, with the justification that it isn’t a long distance move so nothing can go wrong.

By considering what the mistakes can result in when hiring those less reputable local moving companies it is easy to see why booking in advance and getting to know the moving company really can make a very big difference.

Choosing Based on Estimate Price

There are two basic kinds of estimates provided by local moving companies. One is a binding estimate or a not-to-exceed estimate, and the other is a non-binding estimate. Always choose the binding estimate or not-to-exceed estimate so you know the maximum amount you will pay.

Also, be very careful of a local mover charging an hourly fee. This typically results in the slowest possible move and often an overnight delay, which can really add up the costs.

Choosing an Unknown Company

Movers that have a reputation as top local moving companies are always your best option. They are very competitively priced and are often as low as some of the less reputable movers.

Choosing an unknown company can result in hiring a mover who doesn’t have insurance, or who has a history of not paying on claims. Even on a short move, a load not properly positioned in the truck can shift on a corner or when braking, resulting in significant damage to the contents.

Hiring without Meeting

Even with a local move, Jackson Moving & Storage will come out and complete an in-house inspection. This provides them with the ability to provide an accurate binding type of estimate, plus it also allows you to talk directly to the company representative.

This is a great opportunity to get a feel for the different companies and then choose which one is right for you. Just be sure any company you request to complete the in-house survey is providing this free of charge and at no obligation.

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