2 Things to Check in Your HVAC System Before Total Replacement in New York

Are you currently experiencing a build-up of smoke in your commercial kitchen? Have you checked the ducts for any debris that may be causing this issue? Are you now convinced that the issue maybe with one of the components of our commercial exhaust system and are concerned that you will need to replace your entire system? If yes, then here are two other things to check before replacing your entire commercial ventilation or HVAC system.


One of the most commonly overlooked components of an HVAC or exhaust ventilation system is its filters. You should check the filters for any debris that may be causing a build-up of smoke in your kitchen. If you have not replaced your filters, then it may be time to do so.


Another commonly overlooked component to check is your system’s fan. The fan is one of the most important parts of your ventilation or HVAC system. Check the fan for any debris or damages. If necessary, you should replace the system’s fan immediately to prevent further damage.

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