2 Pieces of Equipment Designed to Clean and Clear the Air in Maryland

by | Apr 16, 2020 | Air Quality

One of the most important and essential natural resources next to water is air. The air you breathe is the very resource that keeps you alive. So, it is imperative to keep it clean and clear. As pollution has become a part of everyday life, you are also breathing in the polluted air, which can cause several health conditions. Here are 2 pieces of equipment that are designed to specifically clean and clear the air.

Air Clear Portable Thermal Oxidizer

An air clear portable thermal oxidizer is a piece of equipment that decomposes hazardous gases and volatile organic compounds from industrial air streams like hydrocarbon-based pollutants. As its name suggests, an air clear portable thermal oxidizer destroys hazardous gas via thermal combustion.

Fiberbed Mist Collector

Another piece of equipment that is designed to clean and clear air is a fiberbed mist collector. This particular piece of equipment will capture, collect, and remove sub-micron particles like aerosol and liquid mists that are typically associated with blue haze, opacity, or smoke. Electronics, asphalt processing, textile processing, and fertilizer manufacturing are only to name a few of the many types of businesses that may utilize this type of air cleaning and clearing equipment.

Top-Quality Products and Services

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